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LoL - Throne by aleramicci LoL - Throne :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 14 1 LoL - (Commission) 8 by aleramicci LoL - (Commission) 8 :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 5 0 LoL - Suits by aleramicci LoL - Suits :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 9 0 LoL - Death Stare by aleramicci LoL - Death Stare :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 4 2
LoL - Ghosts
Did I ever want to be the Hand?
The thought- he must've been drifting off again, it was rather easy to let down his guard now that he was away. The snow outside his window was gently falling, covering the peaceful countryside in a blanket of white, but he could hardly feel it- he had piled the logs high within the furnace, and even now he could hear the muffled rumbling within the pipes overhead.
Did I ever want to be the Hand?
He finds himself sighing- clenching his hands together, gritting his teeth and turning away from the sedate view.  When he was younger, all he wanted- all he wanted was to make his parents proud of him.
I still do.
Following their execution, he... he hadn't known what to do with himself. He hadn't cared for himself. His brother had always been his priority. He had worked so much for so little, had even gone to military school because of the sniveling brat. After that... after that....
The military was my life.
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LoL - Equivalence
His father had once told him that the world was not kind. His mother had told him that the world was fair.
He had never really understood their words until after they had passed, when he had been sitting next to Draven's bed for the fifth time in a week, watching his younger brother toss and turn, mewling like an injured kitten as tears streamed down his face.
Nightmares, of course. They both had nightmares, but his horrible visions kept him awake instead of granting him some semblance of rest.
It was fair, in a way. His waking hours were nothing but torment under the hold of shrewd merchantmen bent on taking their money's worth off his back. Though his brother could not sleep very well, at least- and he hoped so- Draven's days were brighter.
He didn't know why he wished such on his brother- he had never particularly cared for him in the first place and now with his parents dead he was merely another thing in a list of expenses- but he <em>
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LoL - Conditioning
Two men were watching soldiers march off to war.
From behind, it seemed as if the taller one was the older of the two- his black hair bore a patch of white and his build was more muscular than the man next to him. From the front, however, his red-haired companion was clearly the senior- even without the meticulously trimmed five o'clock shadow, his face was laden with lines and his blue eyes dark with experience. Both of them bore the same scar on their faces- a jagged cut that began on the right side of the jaw, moving up in a trail of pain just to stop beneath the eye- but the younger man's was less pale and raised.
The men in front of them- it was the norm in Noxus to have troops go about the streets prior to having them die on the battlefield- were a motley crew. It was clear that their gear was not provided by anyone. All of them were wearing what they could afford. Some had more armor. Others had less. Their weapons were in varying states of disrepair, as were their bodies.
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Mature content
LoL - Darius' Judgement :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 1 0
Problems of My Heart by aleramicci Problems of My Heart :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 0 0 LoL - BLAZEIT 2 by aleramicci LoL - BLAZEIT 2 :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 4 0 LoL - BLAZEIT by aleramicci LoL - BLAZEIT :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 4 2 LoL - I'll ADC If You'd Just Carry Me by aleramicci LoL - I'll ADC If You'd Just Carry Me :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 11 2 LoL - A Sword Mirrors Its Owner by aleramicci LoL - A Sword Mirrors Its Owner :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 6 0 LoL - (Commission) 7 by aleramicci LoL - (Commission) 7 :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 1 0 LoL - Nudist Beach Darius by aleramicci LoL - Nudist Beach Darius :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 12 5 LoL - Yogurt Night Darius by aleramicci LoL - Yogurt Night Darius :iconaleramicci:aleramicci 10 0

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